Are you considering a journey to the West Bank? In 2018 I traveled there on my own for 2 weeks.

The first 5 nights I stayed in hostel Area D in Ramallah, approximately 15 kilometers northwest of Jerusalem with more than 27.000 inhabitants. I loved Ramallah: it’s restaurants, the street atmosphere and parks. From here I planned (Hantourism) several trips among which a daytrip to Hebron, I visited a local refugee camp and biked (my finest moment) to Taybeh and Jericho. Area D is a hotspot with great views of the mosque and its minarets . I slept in a female dorm.

I traveled by sherut taxi (shared taxi) from Ramallah via Nablus directly to Sabastia. There I stayed 2 nights in the beautiful Sabastia guesthouse. Sabastia is located northwest of Nablus and is famous for its archaeological sites. Because I was the only guest I had the dorm for myself, including the great views!

I also stayed 1 night in Nablus in the Beit Ramzi questhouse. Here I met a Israeli family who spent their Jewish holidays in Nablus. Together with two 2 other people I participated in a interesting guided Nablus Tour.

Then I traveled by sherut taxi to Jericho and got surprised by the high temperature (40 degrees). I stayed 2 nights in the Auberg-Inn guesthouse and slept in a female dorm. With a private taxi I visitited Quasr Al-Yahud (Jordan River) and the Dead Sea. Both C area, fully under Israeli control.

Again by sherut taxi I traveled to Bethlehem and visited to wall. That was fascinating. I experienced a closed checkpoint and had to travel by bus. Palestinians did not have that luxury, they could only wait. During the bus drive to Jerusalem my passport and permit were checked by armed Israeli soldiers. A bit scary.

My journey ended in Jerusalem. I spent 3 nights in the Austrian hospice, in the Arab part of the old city. It is a hotel, with in the basement some dorms. A really nice place, with a beautiful garden and roof with the best view.

A wonderful end to a very special journey!