“To Palestine? On your own? For 13 nights? Are you crazy or something?” The only respons I got announcing my trip. I had to reassure my sister and parents the most. My husband encouraged me, actually he was a little bit jealous of my journey. Our children (at that time 10 and 12 years) were scared for a plain crash: “Only board when you have got a good feeling. Otherwise stay out of the plane“.

Sunday 23 September 2018 I flew with Transavia from Amsterdam Schiphol (The Netherlands) to Tel Aviv (Israël). I returned on Saturday 6 October 2018. My husband and children picked me up at the airport “Mom: never do this again.” ♥♥

How started this idea? Over the years I have read a lot about the Israel-Palestine. I often wondered why I felt connected to the Palestinians and how it would feel like being there. I am a curious person, so I started my preparations and pluck up courage.

In 2018 I searched the internet for similar travelers to the West Bank. Unfortunately I did not find anything useful. So initially I booked a group holiday trip, but the trip was canceled due to too few participants. In the meanwhile I read a book of a Dutch journalist Derk Walters, “Israël zegt geen sorry meer” and I found out about hostel Area D in Ramallah. I contacted the hostel staff by email. With their help and great suggestions I realised I could design my own trip!

So I made some very important decisions:

  1. I would travel on my own!
  2. I booked an airticket.
  3. I made hostel reservations and booked a number of day trips at Hantourism, a collaborative local Palestinian tourism initiative that serves as a booking platform with a wide range of day trips in the West Bank.
  4. I also booked transport (taxi) from Tel Aviv airport directly to my first hostel in Ramallah. Again via Hantourism.

That made me feel save in advance. I knew (and my family knew ;-)) I could contact Hantourism at any moment by phone/app. And once in Israël/Palestine they turned out te be good decisions! Especially when I noticed -after I entered the West Bank- that google maps was not working…. Later I learned dat google maps does not reflect the actual situation in Palestine, but the political reality as Israël wishes….. So I used

Read more about my DAY-TO-DAY TRIP.

And WHY I decided to construct this website after my trip.